Element 3 Robotics strives to further the drone industry in way that is safe to all members of aviation.


Learn From Practical Experience!

The founders of E3R have been embedded in the First Responder community for a combined 100 years. As a result, all of the training and scenarios are based on practical experience from lessons that have been learned first hand.

The advantage of being involved in the drone industry with the First Responder community gives E3R that ability to bring the most up to date training methods to your pilots. We use training and test methods that are easily replicated providing agencies with the ability to repeat training scenarios learned during the training courses.

Element 3 Robotics strives to further the drone industry in way that is safe to all members of aviation. Element 3Robotics is a recognized RPAS training school with Transport Canada With our instructors certified Flight Reviewers.



Tactical Expertise, Canine, EOD, Search and Rescue, Collision Reconstruction, Fire Suppression.


Dedicated training to First Responders and Public Safety.


We can customize our courses to suit the class’s needs. Inserting Drone deployment to support the public safety market.



With 30 years of service in emergency response Andy brings a wide variety of experience to Element 3 Robotics Inc. 

Andy has over 10 years of experience as an RPAS operator in the emergency services and was one of the first operators in North America to be federally licensed to operate RPAS systems in urban areas. During that time Andy has conducted RPAS operations in many critical incidents including, homicides, large-scale fires, missing person searches, emergency management and was one of the lead proponents for the development of standardized RPAS training and operations for law enforcement operations in Canada.

Andy has extensive operational flight experience with many different RPAS systems and has received train the trainer certification for the two largest commercial RPAS manufacturers.

Andy also contributes his experience as an RPAS operator to a global disaster response group and, combined with an extensive background in explosives and chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear response, is involved in researching new ways to deploy RPAS systems to provide safer and more efficient emergency response options.


Jeff has been employed as a Police Officer with the Niagara Regional Police Service since July 1999 and currently holds the rank of Acting Detective Sergeant. He is currently in his twentieth year of policing.

Jeff has been assigned to full‐time duties managing the Collision Reconstruction Unit. He has served in  Forensics services, Traffic enforcement section, patrol division as well is also trained in Pix4D, GIS and scene mapping.

Jeff is the Operations Manager for the Niagara Regional Police Service RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aerial System) and is responsible for all aspects of flight operations. His extensive operational experience in RPAS deployment is an asset to Element 3 Robotics. His flight experience covers all DJI platforms as a trainer.

While serving as an identification officer he developed a solid background in scene photography, and site evaluation and processing evidence.

Jeff is instrumental in the development of our training syllabus as one of our instructors.


Colin has 21 years of law enforcement experience with a major police agency. Over the course of his career, his experience has included tactical operations, incident command, search and rescue, K9 operations, public safety and emergency management.

Colin has been involved in the RPAS industry since 2013 and played a significant role in the development of his and other agencies ‘ RPAS programs on an international level. He has also provided presentations to numerous levels of government and conferences including the International Association of Chiefs of Police and BlueLine convention.

Colin is fully invested in assisting the RPAS industry to develop in a safe manner that continues to move the capabilities of the industry forward


Darren brings over 31 years of policing to Element 3 Robotics. He has served as a Tactical Officer and Emergency Response Unit (ERU) supervisor, Canine Handler, Training Unit use of force instructor as well is a current Collision Reconstructionist as the traffic unit Sergeant trained in RPAS deployment.

Darren developed the Kingston Police RPAS  program from creating the business plan, writing the departmental policy to operational deployment. He is the operations manager for the Kingston Police RPAS program supervising all aspects of flight operations and training for 6 pilots in the unit.

Darren is also a fixed-wing private pilot as well as experienced on the RPAS Aeryon/FLIR Skyranger and DJI platforms. His experience with emergency operations and  RPAS deployments brings real-world experience to our training syllabus and instruction.